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We have drastically changed the face of iridology cameras (competitors dropped their prices when we first came on the market by 1/2 the price of their overpriced iridology cameras). Even now our ideas are being taken by other iridology equipment and cameramanufacturers. We have been in innovative electronic design since 1961, THAT'S 50 years and have a number of patents.Our customer service is second to none.

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Through our commitment, 50 years of experience, original innovation and expertise EyeRonec products and ideas have been copied by many others but NO-ONE has ever provided a guarantee and service that comes even close to ours!. EyeRonec provides top quality Iridology equipment, like USB Iris cameras and more innovative electronic and health equipment and software, designed by us and manufactured in Australia and In Reno NV USA..

  • Newest Technology
  • Highest Quality
  • Life Time Guarantee on all cameras
  • Internationally renowned
  • Easy to use products>

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