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EyeRonec Iridology CameraInternational Supply of Iridology and Health EquipmentPebble 8+2 Iridology Camera

EyeRonec Iridology Camera - Complete System


Sorry the EyeRonec Complete system has now been discontinued

EyeRonec Complete System Iris Photo Gallery

The system is a truly complete system!

Don't you hate it when you think you bought something that is ready to go and then find out that you need this and that extra to make it work? The EyeRonec requires no more components (not even a double adaptor).

There is no need for a chin rest, black hood, difficult buttons or lens settings to deal with nor a heavy iridology camera to manipulate.

Just aim the EyeRonec camera and take the picture. Focusing and lighting is all automatic, you are able to see the image on the 13.5" monitor instantly, yes BEFORE you take the picture. By pressing just one button a postcard size print is produced, by the Canon dedicated photo printer, in around one minute.

No computer or software is required. The camera already has a very powerful, build-in micro processor.

However a computer CAN be used if you like. The USB cable is provided.

We provide a 1 year Guarantee on EyeRonec lens

EyeRonec Iridology Camera - Complete System

The normal retail price for the camera is $4950 but at the moment we are selling a limited edition system with a 13 1/2" monitor, 8Mp Camera and 6x4 Printer for only $2995. Close out deal FINAL SALE (US Resident FREE shipping).

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