EyeRonec Smart Eye – Smartphone attachment model 2-4-6

$275.00 $225.00



Turn your Smartphone into a Digital iriscope

With the EyeRonec Smart( )Eye attachment you can take Iridology pictures of the iris.

Your smartphone has a great camera why not use it for your iris pictures?

The Smart( )Eye has a selection of 2-4-6 lights to suit all colours of eyes and it is completely portable. The Smart( )Eye device just clips onto your phone and it has its own battery bank, providing hours of use.

You can now have great pictures of eyes without light and reflection problems as we use the patented EyeRonec bi-directional eyecup, a closed system that blocks out ambient and false lights.

The SPECIAL price is just $ 225


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View 2x eyes on one screen?