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Colour coded in 12 body systems. Incorporates the American and European studies.

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The strong laminated Universal© Iridology Chart, has been carefully designed by Marion “Miki” Jones N.D, D. Ir. based upon an integration of European and American Iridology Practices. For Simplicity, the Chart has been colour Coded into the 12 Body Systems: Brain, Circulatory, Digestive System, Digestive/Absorption, Eliminative/Detox, Eliminative/Kidney and Urinary, Endocrine/Glandular, Lymphatic, Muscular, Reproductive, Respiratory and Skeletal.

This wonderful chart is perfect for:Beginners, Professionals, Colleges and Schools

Desk chart (12″x16″)-$19
We also have the Universal© Iridology charts available English in Spanish and Dutch.

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English chart $19, Dutch chart $22, Spanish chart $22


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