Testimonials and reviews

“Thank you for looking at my camera so promptly and even returning it by express post. Amazing service and greatly appreciated” – F Price – 10/02/16

F Price

“Leo,  You have always been wonderful to work with …….thanks Wow, you are cool stuff.  Thanks Leo.  You are a good man.Mon Nov 21 2016  , Stacy Austin

Stacy Austin

Everything is working perfectly! 👍😋 Thank you so much for your time and patience Leo, I truly appreciate it!! 😁”


“Thank you Leo, The lenses arrived promptly . We are really happy with them” – T.Wray – 19/11/15

“Thank you for your amazing and caring customer service! You guys deserve 5 out 5 stars” – R.Lawler – 30/10/15

“I have both the pebble Iriscope and the 35mm camera, great pictures they take!” – L.DeSantis – 6/10/15

“I received my camera the first of the week. I have used it and it works beautifully. The picture is in great detail. I don’t have to use the extra side lights for dark brown eyes anymore. And the focus stay in place without a lot of adjusting. You are a genius. Thank you for everything.” C.Heise – 15/08/15

“Brilliant shots of the eyes – and the camera for $695! I remember when I bought an eye diagnosis setup from Switzerland in the early 80’s, it cost me over $5K!” – R.Catton 28/06/15

Best iridology camera system. Thanks Leo, also your after sales service on your products is fabulous…..” H.Bannister – 3/12/14

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