Elementary and Advanced Courses in Herbology


Edward E Shook ND. MD. D.IR
This is a revised course that was conducted by Edward Shook, one of the famous Herbalists of the late 1940s early 50s.
It is not our intention to present this as a current course, rather a revised and illustrated step back in time, showing the dedication and commitment of this great Herbalist. The herbal formulas are still worthwhile and may in fact work better than some of the modern alcohol based fluid extracts.

If you are interested to make some of your own herbal formulas you will have fun with this course. If you are a practising herbalist you will find this course fascinating to read and you may find some real nuggets of knowledge. If you need a morale boost this book will do it.

shookUpdate: Due to the success of our ABO Blood Type Detox Eating Plan eBook, we have decided to make our this Fantastic Course available too as an eDownload for only $29.95.