Iris Torch 5x LED Magnifier




The best 5 x Iridology Torch in the World
Iridology magnifiers have different names in different countries. In Australia they are traditionally called iris torch, in the USA they call the magnifier a lens. At EyeRonec we have used a mixture of names for our illuminated magnifiers. Traditionally 10X magnifiers were being used by the iridology pioneers. On request we have put 2OX magnifiers in our range to enable iridologist practitioners and doctors to inspect the IPB (assimilation ring), individual fibers and other small markings.

There are a few iridology teachers that advocate 5X torches to be used. As a general rule the lens size gets smaller when the magnification goes up, so the 20X illuminated magnifier needs to be close to the eye and the practitioner needs to be close to the magnifier to see clearly. Our 10X magnifying lens has a clear view without having to be close and in the face of the patient/client and shows the full iris in the eye glass.

We use optical glass lenses for our magnifiers and the EyeRonec 10X iridology magnifiers that are used all over the world by colleges, students, doctors, iridologists and natural practitioners.

As some prefer a 5X lens that shows the WHOLE eye, not just the IRIS we have got together with our factory and have 5X magnifiers made based on our successful 10X model. The result is what we like to call the BEST 5X IRIDOLOGY MAGNIFIER IN THE WORD. Fantastic clarity and great viewing range!…

Our unbeatable lifetime guarantee applies. This is the best 5X iridology torch you will find anywhere.